Mice in Winter


It’s cold outside and here come the mice!

Mice are active throughout the year, especially in the winter months. Mice don’t hibernate in the winter; instead they search for food and warmth near their nests. Mice will feed up to 20 times a day on almost anything but prefer nuts and seeds.

If you see a mouse or suspect mice activity in your home, you’ll likely set traps up around entry areas. One common mistake we see homeowners make is the use of poison baits. A mouse may eat poisoned bait but then slink off and die somewhere where you cannot reach it, like the inside of a wall, which leaves a terrible smell throughout your home.

If you’ve tried to get rid of the mice in your home but haven’t had success, call Guardian Pest Control. At Guardian our mice pest control service consists of three steps. We remove the mice in the home, we plug holes where mice may be entering the home, and we apply an all natural mouse repellent around the exterior of the home to keep mice out.