Carpenter Bees vs. Bumble Bees

Carpenter bees may look like bumble bees but there are very different. A carpenter bee’s abdomen (back section) is shiny with very little hair unlike the bumble bees whose abdomen is covered with hair. The male carpenter bees will hover around the gutter area of your home protecting its territory by chasing away any insect or person who might intrude. Although the male bee is very aggressive while protecting its territory, it does not have a stinger. The female bee drills a perfect half inch hole in the fascia of your home with six to eight galleries to lay her eggs. A telltale sign to look for is a stain on the siding just below where the bee drills the hole. Carpenter bees prefer to borrow into old or unpainted wood and tend to stay away from freshly stained or painted wood. It is difficult for a homeowner to eliminate carpenter bees because it is hard to get an insecticide into the hole. At Guardian Pest Control we have a special took that we use to inject an insecticide dust into the galleries and eliminate the adult and immature carpenter bees in your home. So if you see big black and yellow bees chasing you around your yard, give Guardian Pest Control a call today.