Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

The colder it gets the harder the mice are going to try and enter your home to escape the harsh weather. Mice cannot survive long in the winter, so they search your home for any way possible to enter your home and survive. Mice can enter via many different routes including garage doors, utility lines, plumbing lines, electrical line, gaps in foundations, and any other crack or crevice they can fit through. Once in your home they can cause damage in various ways. In a garage they will nest in cars and mowers causing destruction to the carbonator, cabin filters, and other costly repairs. In your home they can destroy your insulation, doors, drywall, wires, and electrical boxes. Usually by the time you notice any sign of these destructive rodents they have already found a nice safe place to lay low.

The key is prevention. Go around your home and look for any entry points around electrical lines and plumbing and seal them up from both the inside and the outside of the home. Install door sweeps on any entry doors. Sometimes a new garage seal or even a new door is needed.

Guardian Pest Control offers these types of services and specific recommendations for your home with our Rodent Exclusion Service. We will seal all visible rodent entry points around and inside your home, set traps in areas of rodent activity and areas know to be rodent traveling areas, as well as apply an all-natural rodent repellent to the exterior foundation of your home. This is a tried and true method that attacks with a threefold process. We will also give you other recommendations particular to your home that will help for future prevention.

So yes, it’s cold outside so let’s keep the mice out using prevention and an attack plan so you won’t have any uninvited guests this season.