Year-Round Pest Control

Why Year-Round Pest Control?

Many insects can survive the coldness of winter.

Other insects will migrate to escape the dropping temperatures, then return into northern areas in the Spring.

Some insects will overwinter in the larval stage, hiding in leaf litter and other covered areas. Grubs can dig deeper in the soil to escape the freezing temperatures. Not too many insects are active in the winter, but the nymphs of dragonflies, mayflies and stoneflies live in waters of ponds and streams beneath the ice. They eat and grow all winter, so they can emerge as adults in early spring. A few insects lay eggs that can survive the winter. One important insect that does this is the Praying Mantid.

Many adult insects will go into hibernation to survive the winter often entering homes and other structures to do so. Certain wasps also use attics, eaves, and tree hollows to hide from the harsh cold. Once the weather starts to warm up in early Spring they will leave their hiding place to look for food, mates, or to build nests. We all know that mice are very active in your home through the winter.

I usually recommend that you get year-round pest control, so you have a plan in place no matter what. Some winters are milder than others, so activity will be higher and longer in the year. Also, if we are out there on a regular basis we can treat appropriately.

Remember life will always find a way.