West Nile In Connecticut

2019 Connecticut Mosquito Report

Each year around this time I post about the Connecticut Agricultural Experimentation Station (CAES) and their findings for the year. This amazing organization started in 1875 making it the oldest agricultural experiment station in the United States. Since CAESs’ inception they have accomplished many extraordinary initiatives which helped to improve farming, positive economic impacts, public health, as well as Integrated Pest Management.

Since ticks and mosquitoes transmit dangerous pathogenic organisms that cause human illnesses and possibly death, CAES has dedicated time and resources to establish several stations throughout the state of Connecticut in order to collect specimens and test them for transmissible pathogens. Each year as they do these tests they release their findings online for the public. Many news outlets also report on their findings and publish articles anytime the CAES finds a pathogen inside of one of the tested ticks or mosquitoes.

The findings from CAES are released each month and you can find them online. I am going to put the links below with a description above each link so you can choose which ones you are interested in. The final CAES link will be the main CAES page so you can explore everything they do and lookup any reports that may interest you. They have a vast library of reports going back decades, this allows you to see the spread, reach, and progression of the insects as well as the pathogens over a vast timeline

CAES Information