In 1997, industry expert Fred Markowich formed Guardian Pest Control to reflect his vision of a more personal and professional service approach to Pest Control. The company has grown from strength to strength over the past 21 years, with a philosophy that the customer is not a number but a person (probably a family), with genuine fears and concerns, needing a quick response, a friendly ear and a safe, effective treatment plan – no more, no less! The business is locally owned and managed, with locations throughout Connecticut. We are very proud of the quality service we provide, and the comfort and reassurance it brings our customers, Connecticut residents just like us. All our technicians are state licensed and insured, and they bring a care and dedication that marks them out as Guardians! Fred has trained his technicians to listen to the customer and provide the reassurance and guarantees that a customized treatment plan can offer. Whether you need urgent help to remove unwanted pests, or a plan to make sure they do not appear in the first place, we would love to help. Furthermore, if you enjoy being outside in your yard and hate constant mosquito attacks, we have a guaranteed, eco-friendly solution to keep you mosquito-free and yard-happy – see our mosquito services. Call today for assistance, and don’t forget to ask us what our guarantees include!