Who does your yard belong to, you or the mosquitoes? Maybe it’s a time of day thing – you have the yard in the daytime and the mosquitoes have it at sunset – fair deal? We don’t think so! At Guardian we know mosquitoes, and we have a family friendly solution that is both highly effective and very affordable.

It isn’t ok to let mosquitoes dictate what you can and cannot do in your own yard. Candles, zappers and sprays are often ineffective and don’t provide any kind of permanent solution. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction, so you and your family can fully enjoy being outside any time, day or night!

We have treatment plans that will eliminate the mosquito population for the entire summer, and we have event-specific plans (weddings, outdoor parties etc.) that will ensure any occasion is mosquito-free.

Our technicians have Department of Environmental Protection licenses, specific to mosquito control, to guarantee that the quality service we are providing is carried out by true mosquito experts – our Yard Guardians are simply the best. For more information on mosquitoes and treatment plans just ‘click’ on the tab above, or call us now and have a technician visit your home for a free inspection.