Our dedicated service is called Mouse Guard and that’s exactly what we will offer you – full removal and future protection from mice infestation in your house, guaranteed. Mice may look cute but they are potentially dangerous and bothersome pests, contaminating food, destroying crops and spreading diseases through their feces and through the parasites they carry. Common areas of infestation It is fairly easy to recognize when you have a mice infestation, as they make themselves known in a home in a fairly obvious way, by leaving droppings or gnaw marks. Another telltale sign is finding a nest that is made up of shredded paper and fabric. They enter homes looking for warmth, food and water. It is worth noting that one pair of mice are capable of producing up to 200 offspring in only four months. The biggest concern is that each mouse can contaminate much more food than it eats, putting your family’s health at risk. So if you want your home properly protected contact us now and we will send out your very own Mouse Guardian!