Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants and Other Insects

Size: 1/4 to 1/2 inch. A colony will consist of a few hundred up to a few thousand workers.
Description: Black, Brown or Red.
Habitat: Trees, Wood Piles, Garages, Stumps and Homes.
Damage: Chews out galleries in wood to create nesting sites.

Carpenter Ant Treatment Plans

Bimonthly Service: Visually inspect and treat areas on the interior where ants are being found. Inspect and treat exterior of home to prevent future infestations. Ongoing preventative service to protect your home against ants and other insects. Never a charge for extra service calls.
One-Time Service: This service is offered when the carpenter ant nest is visible. These services are also performed for bees, sugar ants, fleas, wasps and roaches.

Bed Bug and Roach Treatments: Because these pests are sometimes difficult to eliminate, we have dedicated technicians who are highly trained in the field of bed bugs and roaches. These technicians will first come out and do a full inspection of the property and give you some advice and a quote to get rid of the pests.