“I wanted to acknowledge Guardian Pest Control’s outstanding Mosquito Service. My family used it for the first time in 2011 and was extremely happy with the outcome…we were able to sit out in the evenings and not get eaten alive by mosquitoes. We have many trees around our home and it was so pleasant to go out and be relaxed and comfortable…I highly recommend it, it works!…and the technician was wonderful, very professional and polite.”

Lesa G – Southington

“I have been a customer of Guardian Pest Control for many years for general preventative maintenance on my home, and decided to try their tick and Mosquito Service last year. I am an avid gardener and spend a lot of time in my yard and it is amazing to me every time I go out that my yard is MOSQUITO FREE…I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to spend time outside during the summer months in comfort.”

Bernadette M – Bristol

I love being outside – playing with my kids, relaxing with friends, reading a book…and being from England I am not used to mosquitoes, so being forced inside did not sit well with me! When I heard about Guardian’s Mosquito Service I was excited but dubious (candles and sprays I find useless)…how can they be kept away? Will they really be eliminated, won’t they fly over from my neighbor’s yard or somewhere else?…well they didn’t (apparently CT mosquitoes don’t fly well – who knew), and 2011 was a wonderful summer spent outside in t shirt and shorts – NOT ONE BITE! Great company, fantastic service…thanks for significantly improving the quality of my family’s life.”

Richard M – Avon, CT

“Upon moving into our new home we were suddenly overwhelmed with carpenter ants in the family room. After calling quite a few companies Guardian Pest Control was the only company to come right over addressing not only the ant situation but also taking the time to walk the property spraying the entire home inside and out giving us tremendous piece of mind. They also took the time to work out a spraying schedule that kept the carpenter ants (and other pests) at bay that was extremely cost efficient.”

Sarah R – Avon, CT