Cicada Killers

Cicada Killer Season Lots of recent calls about “wasps the size of a small bird!”, or “huge, I mean huge yellow-jacket!” has urged me to write about this somewhat beneficial solitary wasp. Beneficial in the sense that they help to control the cicada population. Adult cicada killers emerge in summer, typically beginning late June or […]

Night Night, Sleep Tight…..

Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite! It seems like we have a bedbug epidemic in the U.S. as well as a great increase of bedbugs in Connecticut. Although the exact reason eludes us at the moment I believe we can attribute much of it to a lack of widespread public knowledge and awareness. It is my […]

Ground Bees In Connecticut

GROUND NESTING BEES IN CONNECTICUT I got a call this week from a customer who was very concerned about the ground nesting bees on his property, after speaking with him I realized how uninformed most people are about these useful pollinators which prompted me to write. Similar to honey bees the various species of ground […]

Ticked-Off in Connecticut

Officials are saying Connecticut is experiencing an “extraordinary” season for ticks this year. Close to 40 percent of ticks tested so far were positive for the bacteria causing Lyme disease. There are many other tick-borne illnesses other than Lyme Disease such as the Powassan Virus, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Because of these […]

Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

Mosquitoes can carry many different diseases including Dengue fever, West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Malaria and now the Zika virus, which makes it even more important to eliminate breeding areas around your home and property. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water; the better you are at eliminating these areas the smaller mosquito population […]

Carpenter Bees vs. Bumble Bees

Carpenter bees may look like bumble bees but there are very different. A carpenter bee’s abdomen (back section) is shiny with very little hair unlike the bumble bees whose abdomen is covered with hair. The male carpenter bees will hover around the gutter area of your home protecting its territory by chasing away any insect […]

Mice in Winter

It’s cold outside and here come the mice! Mice are active throughout the year, especially in the winter months. Mice don’t hibernate in the winter; instead they search for food and warmth near their nests. Mice will feed up to 20 times a day on almost anything but prefer nuts and seeds. If you see […]